LISO Past Events: 2010-2020

Past LISO Events: 2010-2020

LISO Seminar Series 2019-2020

Fall 2020 - Coordinator: John Du Bois

NOTE: LISO meetings will be held as usual this quarter but will be moved to Zoom. In order to receive announcment emails with the Zoom meeting link, ID, and password, please join the LISO announcement list by sending a request to To help prevent Zoombombing, please do not post the meeting link, ID, or password online! 

October 16, 2020
Giorgia Troiani (Linguistics, UCSB)
Data Session: "Competing factors in Kazakh reported speech"
October 30, 2020
Simeon Floyd (Dept. of Anthropology, Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador)
“Getting others to do things in Cha’palaa and beyond"
November 13, 2020
Nick Enfield (Linguistics, University of Sydney)
"Getting others to do things: A pragmatic typology of recruitments"

Spring 2020 - Coordinator: Mary Bucholtz


April 10, 2020
Julia Katila (Social Sciences, Tampere University, Finland and Anthropology and Sociology, UCLA)
"The Role of Touch in Socialising Children into Health Practices: Examples from a Doctor, Nurse and a Dentist's Office”

April 17, 2020
deandre miles-hercules (Linguistics, UCSB)
Data session

April 24, 2020
CLIC-LISO virtual session with UCSB presenters (Part 1):

Giorgia Troiani (Linguistics, UCSB)
“Gendered mock American personae in Italian conversation””

Erika Prado (Comparative Human Development, University of Chicago) and Mary Bucholtz (Linguistics, UCSB)
“‘¿Qué quieres?’: Family Members’ Negotiation of Understanding with a Nonspeaking Bilingual Teenager with Autism”

May 8, 2020
Eric Louis Russell (French & Italian, UC Davis)
"The Linguistic and Discursive Foundations of Male Hegemony: Alphas, Betas, and 'Quality' Women”

May 15, 2020
CLIC-LISO virtual session with UCSB presenters (Part 2):

André Buscariolli (Sociology, UCSB), “Category Attribution during Police Encounters: How Officers Assess Mental Health-Related Phenomena”

Rony Ron-Rén (Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro and Sociology, UCSB), “Some Forms and Functions of Formulations in Extrajudicial Family Mediation”

Julia Fine (Linguistics, UCSB), “Climate Conversations: Media and Interactional Influences on Climate Action” (in collaboration with Delcia Orona, Elena Salinas, Forest Stuart, Jessica Love-Nichols, Rohit Reddy Karnaty, and Shawn Van Valkenburgh)

Alexia Fawcett (Linguistics, UCSB), “The Inverted Spanglish of @ElBloombito: Anti-Hegemonic Humor, Sociopolitical Commentary, and Challenging Raciolinguistic Ideologies on Twitter”

Winter 2020 - Coordinator: Amy Kyratzis

January 24, 2020
Reading Group Discussion
As a group, LISO members will read and discuss select chapters related if the recent book of our CLIC colleague and friend, UCLA Department of Anthropology Distinguished Professor Emerita Dr. Marjorie Harness (Candy) Goodwin, titled: "Embodied Family Choreography: Practices of Control, Care, and Mundane Creativity (Directions in Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis" (1st Edition), by Marjorie Harness Goodwin & Asta Cekaite, Routledge
February 7, 2020
Yumei Gan (Sociology, Video Analysis, Science and Technology (VAST) Research Group, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Fulbright Fellow, UCLA (2019-2020))
"Orchestrated openings in video calls: getting young left-behind children to greet their migrant parents to reaffirm their filial love"
Authors: Yumei Gan, Christian Greiffenhagen, & Christian Licoppe
February 21, 2020
Kira Hall (Linguistics and Anthropology, University of Colorado, Boulder)
This year’s Professor John J. Gumperz Memorial Lecture: "Accent, Interaction, and Intimacy on the Autism Spectrum"


Fall 2019 - Coordinator: Kevin Whitehead

October 4, 2019
Andre Buscariolli (Sociology, UCSB)
“Category Attribution during Police Encounters: How Officers Assess Mental Health-Related Phenomena”
October 18, 2019
H. Samy Alim (Anthropology, UCLA)
“Sorry to Bother You: Theorizing Language, Resistance, and Racial Capitalism”
October 25, 2019
Sara Goico (Sociology, UCLA)
“‘Can I sit there?’: emergent communication systems at work in a mainstream classroom with deaf students”
November 5, 2019
Anna Bax (Linguistics, UCSB)
“Language professionalization as a trigger for language-ideological revalorization in a Mixtec immigrant community”
Julia Fine (Linguistics, UCSB)
“#MagicResistance: Anti-Trump witchcraft as register circulation”
Jamaal Muwwakkil & deandre miles-hercules (Linguistics, UCSB)
“‘They say I can’t gun bar ‘em to death’: Stance and Embodiment through Media Representation of Battle Rap”
Chloe Willis (Linguistics, UCSB)
“Music and Intertextuality in the Japanese Video Game Series”
December 6, 2019
Giovanni Rossi (Sociology, UCLA)
“Question intonation and action: The case of other-repetitions in Italian”


LISO Seminar Series 2018-2019

Spring 2019 - Coordinator: Lal Zimman

April 19, 2019
Erika Prado (Linguistics and Psychology, UCSB) & Mary Bucholtz (Linguistics, UCSB)
Paper-in-progress workshop: "Getting dressed as a social activity:  The interactional competence of a nonverbal bilingual Latino teenager with autism"
April 26, 2019
Jennifer Reynolds (Anthropology, University of South Carolina)
“Border-Crossings at the Intersection of Narrated and Narrating Landscapes: Linguistic Brokers Witnessing and Enduring the U.S. Spatio-Temporal Politics of Migrant Worker Illegality in the American Heartland”
May 10, 2019
Jenny Mandelbaum (Communication, Rutgers University) & Gene Lerner (Sociology, UCSB)
“On the Social Organization of Manual Actions: Handling the Assistance of Others During Self-Service at the Dinner Table”

Winter 2019 - Coordinator: Kevin Whitehead

January 18, 2019
Steven Clayman (Sociology, UCLA)
“Journalistic Questioning and Sociopolitical Change: The Case of Marriage Equality in the U.S.”
February 1, 2019
Chase Wesley Raymond (Linguistics, University of Colorado, Boulder) 
“Category Accounts: Identity and Normativity in Sequences of Action”
February 15, 2019
Giorgia Troiani (Linguistics, UCSB)
Data session: “Communicative and social functions of multilingual voicing in reported speech”
March 8, 2019
Joseph Sterphone (Sociology, UCSB) 
Data session: “‘You’re going to get beat up, no matter what’: Mitigating and managing incipient conflict in war game interactions”

Fall 2018 - Coordinator: Amy Kyratzis

October 19, 2018
Reading Group Discussion: Selected chapters of the last book of our friend and UCLA Departments of Applied Linguistics and Communication Distinguished Professor Emeritus Charles Goodwin, titled “Co-Operative Action”
October 26, 2018
Jinsook Choi (Division of General Studies, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, Korea and Visiting Scholar, Department of Linguistics, UCSB)
Data Session: “Negotiation of meanings in a Korean college start-up team meeting”
November 9, 2018
Erika Prado (Psychology and Linguistics, UCSB) & Mary Bucholtz (Linguistics, UCSB)
“Bilingual without Speech: The Interactional Competence of a Nonverbal Bilingual Youth with Autism”
Chloe Willis (Linguistics, UCSB)
“‘Dandan koe ga hikuku natte kite’ (‘Little by little (your) voice becomes lower’): Gender performance and performativity in Takarazuka”
Audrey Lopez (Linguistics, UCSB)
“‘You have us here now’: Latinx Youth Brokers Challenge the Raciolinguistic Ideologies of a California School District”
November 30, 2018
Marjorie Harness Goodwin (Anthropology, UCLA)
“The Interactive Organization of a Celebration: The Embodiment of Surprise, Joy, and Gratitude”
December 7, 2018
Elliott M. Hoey (Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Linguistics and Literature, University of Basel)
“Self-authorization in interaction: Some uses of lemme”


LISO Seminar Series 2017-2018

Spring 2018 - Coordinator: Kevin Whitehead

April 13, 2018
Mie Femø Nielsen (Nordic Studies and Linguistics, University of Copenhagen)
"How can we study trust as a phenomenon displayed in the interaction?"
April 27, 2018
Crystal Bae (Geography, UCSB)
“Collaborative route planning and situated navigation in a new environment”
Matthew Fritzler (Sociology, UCSB) 
“Policing the secondary gains of the victim category”
May 25, 2018
Amelia Hill (Sociology, UCLA)
“Victim categorization in 911: Vulnerability as an interactional resource for obtaining police services”
June 1, 2018
Susan Gal (Anthropology/Linguistics, University of Chicago)
John J. Gumperz Memorial Lecture: "Discursive strategies of dominance: The homogenization of national publics"

Winter 2018 - Coordinator: Mary Bucholtz

January 26, 2018
Julia Fine (Linguistics, UCSB)
"Hey:, Ho%: The role of prosody in human-horse interaction"
Erika Prado (Psychology, UCSB)
"Communicative Strategies of Nonverbal Bilingual Youth with Autism"
February 9, 2018
Ramón Martínez (Education, Stanford)
"Recognizing (and not recognizing) the richness of children's linguistic repertoires: A raciolinguistic perspective on identity and interaction in urban schools"
February 23, 2018
Jerry Won Lee (English, UC Irvine)
"Unbanality and the Reinvention of Nation: the Semiotic Landscape of Global Korea"
March 9, 2018
John Haviland (Anthropology, UCSD)
John J. Gumperz Memorial Lecture: "K'alal Lajyak'bekon Notisia, "Bweno Ta Xinupunkutik," Gloria a Dios, Háganlo Bien (When they told me “Well, we’re getting married”—Glory to God! Do it well!): Changing Tzotzil Discourses of Marriage"


Fall 2017 - Coordinator: Amy Kyratzis

October 20, 2017
Mieke Vandenbroucke (Linguistics and Anthropology, Ghent University and UC Berkeley)
"Legal-administrative assessments of genuine cross-border love in Belgian marriage fraud investigations"
November 3, 2017
Teruko Vida Mitsuhara (Anthropology, UCLA)
"Translating utopia: moral quandaries in the multilingual immigrant and Bengali children’s peer group in India"
November 17, 2017
Joy Garza (Linguistics, UCSB), Jenny Sperling (Education, UCSB), Jamaal Muwwakkil (Linguistics, UCSB), Kendra Calhoun (Linguistics, UCSB)
AAA Preview: Research on ethnographic ethics and on representations of white masculinity


LISO Seminar Series 2016-2017

Winter 2017 - Coordinator: Amy Kyratzis

January 27, 2017
Julia Fine (Linguistics, UCSB)
"Stance, affect, style and identity in Kodiak Alutiiq storytelling"
February 17, 2017
Chelsea Tanous (Education, UCSB)
"Socializing to Conversational Practices in a Bilingual French-English Conversation Group"
March 3, 2017
Hiroko Takanashi (Faculty of Humanities - English, Japan Women's University)
"Stance-taking and co-construction of identity in teasing interaction"

Fall 2016 - Coordinator: Geoffrey Raymond

October 7, 2016
Geoffrey Raymond (Sociology, UCSB)
"Studying violence in situ: Observations on the sequential organization of violent occasions"
October 21, 2016
Brandon Mells (UCLA)
"Policing the self: A political and moral ethnography of American police power"
October 28, 2016
Joseph Sung-Yul Park (National University of Singapore)
"Language, globalization, and transnational mobility: Metapragmatic talk by Korean managers at multinational corporations"
November 4, 2016
Ilya Utekhin (European University St. Petersburg)
"Talk in Asymmetric Situations as Part of a Joint Activity"
December 2, 2016
Lucas Seuren (University of Groningen)
"Towards a third-turn proof procedure?"


LISO Seminar Series 2015-2016

Spring 2016 - Coordinator: Mary Bucholtz

April 8, 2016
Interaction and Culture Across Languages: Perspectives from Field Linguistics
Dibella Caminski (Linguistics, UCSB)
"Tea Ceremonies and Consonant Mutation: Repetition in Nivkh Discourse as a Means of Preservation"
Daniel Hieber (Linguistics, UCSB)
"How to Become a Kisii Folktale: Generic Features of Moralizing Narratives among the Gusii People of Kenya"
Nathaniel Sims (Linguistics, UCSB)
"Negotiations of Ethnicity among Rma-Speaking Tibetans: Language as a Tool for Ethnogenesis"
April 15, 2016
Thomas M. Phillip (UCLA)
"Professional Ethics: 'Ungrievable Lives' as an Interactional Production in an Undergraduate Engineering Ethics Course"
May 13, 2016
Elisabeth Reber (University of Würzburg)
"Quoting and Action Formation in Prime Minister's Questions"
June 3, 2016
H. Samy Alim (Stanford University)
John J. Gumperz Memorial Lecture

Winter 2016 - Coordinator: Amy Kyratzis

January 22, 2016
Jenny Nilsson (Institute for Language and Folklore, Sweden)
“The choreography of greeting. Initiating interaction in service encounters”

February 5, 2016
Prof. Dr. Friederike Kern (Fakultät für Linguistik und Literaturwissenschaft, Universität Bielefeld)
“Changing participation in a German remedial lesson: Learning how to syllabify”

March 11, 2016
Language and the Body Day showcases exciting graduate student research that frequently results in a publication.

Amelia Hill (Sociology, UCLA)
"Some Gestural Realizations of Membership Categories"

Kimberly Breed (Education, UCSB)
"Knowing what counts and what counts as knowing: The social organization and interactional consequences of student turn-taking during whole-class discussion"
Jacqueline Kemp (Education, UCSB)
"Proposals and accept responses in preschool boys’ peer interactions"
Amanda McArthur (Sociology, UCLA)
"Locating pain as an interactional achievement: Coordinating touch and talk in medical examinations"


Fall 2015 - Coordinator: Geoffrey Raymond

October 16, 2015
Kevin Whitehead (Department of Psychology, University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg)
"Conversation analysis, membership categories and participant orientations: Addressing ambiguity and context(s)"

October 23, 2015
Todd Sandel (Communication, University of Macau)
"Language has a Soul: Unpacking the Meanings and Interpretations of Indonesian Language Discourse in the Case of Singkawang, Indonesia"

October 23, 2015
Karen Tracy (Professor and Chair of Communication, University of Colorado at Boulder)
“Discourse Style Variation among Judges in Small Claims Courts: Its Consequentiality”
[The 12th Annual Bradac Memorial Lecture hosted by the Department of Communication, co-sponsored with Sage Publications and UCSB's Language, Interaction, and Social Organization (LISO) Research Focus Group.]

November 13, 2015
John W. Du Bois and Eric Campbell (Department of Linguistics, UCSB)
"What a Difference a Conversation Makes: Dialogic Syntax and the Structural Description of Unfamiliar Languages"

December 4, 2015
Jeff Bowen (UC Santa Barbara)
"Synchrony and Abstraction in Intimate Partner Conflict: A Word-Level Analysis"

LISO Seminar Series 2014-2015

Spring 2015 – Coordinator: John W. Du Bois (Linguistics)

Apr. 17

Monica Heller (University of Toronto)
"Language, social order and social justice: A tribute to the life and work of John Gumperz"

May 1

Michael Sean Smith (University of California Los Angeles)
"On 'being wrong': Claims of (mis)apprehension and their role in managing inter-subjectivity"

May 12

Adam Jaworksi (University of Hong Kong)
"Globalization and Intercultural Contact: The Mattering and Production of Difference Across the Medialized Centre-Periphery Divide"

May 22

Elena Skapoulli-Raymond (University of California Santa Barbara)
“Greek is a noble language”: Blurry boundaries of language use among peers in a multiethnic middle school of Cyprus

May 30

21st Annual Conference on Language, Interaction, and Social Organization (LISO)

“Studying Interaction, Advancing Social Justice: Identities, Ideologies, and Inequalities”

Peter Eglin (Sociology, Wilfrid Laurier University)
Norma Mendoza-Denton (Anthropology, UCLA)
Jonathan Rosa, Anthropology, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Jun. 5

John W. Du Bois (UC Santa Barbara)
"Building the sociocultural construct"

“Construction methods: Finding the sociocultural construct in the dialogic moment”
Panel discussion

LISO Seminar Series 2012-2013

Fall 2012 – Coordinator: Jack Du Bois (Linguistics)

Oct. 5

Melissa L. Curtin (UC Santa Barbara)
“Multilingual/Polyscriptal Creativity in the Linguistic Landscape of Taipei”

Carmen Fought (Pitzer) & Michael Diercks (Pomona)
“Towards Explaining Social Awkwardness”

Oct. 12

Peggy Szymanski (Xerox PARC)
“Mobile Telepresence”

Oct. 26

Leah Wingard (San Francisco State University) & Chris Koenig (UC San Francisco)
“Assessment sequences in diabetes visits and their implications for patient-centered care”

Nov. 2

Olga Galanova (Bielefeld)
Title TBA

Nov. 9

Hannah Yates (UC Santa Barbara)
“A Regular Kid: The Embodied Performance of Expressiveness in Autistic Discourse”

Eva Michelle Wheeler (UC Santa Barbara)
“Gifted Problem Solvers: Complex Cognitive and Interactional Skills in Spanish-English Interpretation by Bilingual Youth”

Meghan Nicole Corella Morales (UC Santa Barbara) & Jin Sook Lee (UC Santa Barbara)
“What Counts As Language Assessment: A Child’s Redefinition of the Boundaries”

Rachel Cranfill (UC Santa Barbara)
“Embodied Math: Managing the Boundaries Between Physical and Abstract Space in Undergraduate Peer Explanations”

Nov. 30

Charlotte Zeamer and Jean E. Fox Tree (University of California, Santa Cruz)
“Sense Making can Impede Recall: A study of distraction from environmental noise in a simulated lecture setting”


Winter 2013 – Coordinator: Jenny Cook-Gumperz (Education)

Jan. 11

Cecilia E. Ford (Dept. English and Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison)
“Getting it” together: Orchestrating ordinary empathy

Jan. 25

Josh Kuntzman and Julie Antilla (Education, UCSB)
Data Session

Feb. 1

Lorenza Mondada (French and General Linguistics, University of Basel)
"Multiactivity in social interaction: the methodical organization of multiple temporalities"

Feb. 15

Margaret Whitney O'Malley (Education, UCSB)
"Learning To Be Greek: Negotiating Power Asymmetries In A Sorority"

Mar. 1

Simona Pekarek Doehler (University of Neuchatel, Switzerland)
Title TBA

Mar. 8

Lourdes de León (CIESAS, Mexico, D.F.)
"Intertextuality, parallelism, and performance in Tzotzil-Spanish sibling’s bilingual play."


Spring 2013 – Coordinator: Gene Lerner (Sociology)

Apr. 12

Michele Back, Visiting Scholar, UC Riverside, Center for Ideas and Society
Síganme los buenos: Co-constructing symbolic competence in a peer tutoring session

Apr. 26

Netta Avineri, Postdoctoral Research Associate, UCLA Center for Jewish Studies
Yiddish Endangerment as Interactional Reality and Discursive Strategy: An Examination of Language Socialization Practices within the Yiddish Metalinguistic Community

May 3

Ikuyo Morimoto, Graduate school of Language, Communication, & Culture, Kwansei Gakuin University, Japan
Reformulating Practices in Courtroom Deliberations

May 11 to May 12

LISO Conference

May 24

Irene Checa-Garcia, University of Wyoming
Asking for things without words: Embodiment of action onset as a toddlers communication tool


LISO Seminar Series 2011-2012

Fall 2011 – Coordinator: Jason Raley & Jenny Cook-Gumperz (Education)

Sept. 30

(1) Shawn Warner-Garcia (UC Santa Barbara)
"His belly dancer": How stance bridges identity and ideology among college sorority women within a normative Christian community

(2) Ryoko Suzuki (Keio University) & Sandra A. Thompson (UC Santa Barbara)
Reenactments: talk, body, and gaze

Oct. 7

Herbert H. Clark (Stanford University) (LISO co-sponsored event with Dept. of Communication, UCSB)
"How we manage to do things together"

Oct. 21

Jenny Cook-Gumperz (UC Santa Barbara)
Reading & Discussion: Text & Talk special issue (July 2011) in Honour of John Gumperz

Nov. 4

Jason Raley (Education, UCSB)
TBA (Data session -- classroom data)

Dec. 2

Laura Sterponi (UC Berkeley)
"Rethinking echolalia: Repetition and ventriloquation in the communication of children with autism spectrum disorders"


Winter 2012 – Coordinator: Mary Bucholtz (Linguistics)

Jan. 20

Besnier, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, University of Amsterdam

Feb. 10

Rachel Cranfill, Department of Linguistics, UCSB
Data session

Feb. 17

Keith Murphy, Department of Anthropology, University of Irvine

Mar. 2

Peter Hobson and Jessica Hobson, Institute of Child Health, Department of Behavioural and Brain Sciences, University College London

Mar. 9

(1) Sandra Thompson, Department of Linguistics, UCSB

(2) Elliott Hoey, Department of Linguistics UCSB
Data session


Spring 2012 – Coordinator: Geoffrey Raymond (Sociology)

Apr. 6

Richard Bauman (Indiana University, Bloomington)
"'There's a good deal to everything': Country communicability on early commercial sound recordings in the U.S."
***NOTE SPECIAL LOCATION: McCune Room (HSSB 6020)***

Apr. 20

Ariel Wu (Education, UCSB)
"The Second Language Socialization of International Students to Becoming Teaching Assistants for Undergraduate Classes in a U.S. University

Lucero Nájera (CIESAS, Mexico; Fulbright Scholar, UCSB)
Title: TBA

Apr. 27

"Language and The Body Day" (Graduate Students in Ling/Soc 273A "Language and The Body")

Katelynn C. Bishop (UCSB, Sociology)
"Hand Gesture and Identity: The Interactional Production of 'Interiority'"

Chris VanderStouwe (UCSB, Linguistics)
"Anchor’s the Way: Negotiating Interactional Participation through Anchoring and Body Torque"

Shawn Warner-Garcia (UCSB, Linguistics)
"Gestural resonance: The negotiation of embodied action among speakers"

May 4

Andrea Golato (Germanic Languages and Literatures, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
"Marking cognitive and emotive changes-of-state: Examples from German"

May 10

2012 18th Annual Conference on Language, Interaction, and Culture (CLIC at UCLA; May 10-12, 2012)
See schedule posted at

Jun. 1

Nikki Jones & Geoffrey Raymond (Dept. of Sociology, UCSB) and Mardi Kidwell (Dept. of Communication, Univ of New Hampshire)
"Going with the program: Some initial observations on the use of force in police-citizen encounters"


LISO Seminar Series 2010-2011

Fall 2010 – Coordinator: Jack Du Bois (Linguistics)

Sept. 24

LISO Faculty Meeting

Oct. 1

Theme: "But but but... Perspectives on particles in context"
(1) Sandy Thompson (UCSB) and Jean Mulder (Melbourne) "The turn-final particle BUT in English conversation"

(2) Data session: "Concession and contrast: Intonation Unit-final though and but in American English," moderated by Mira Ariel (Tel Aviv) and Jack Du Bois (UCSB)

Oct. 15

Moderator: Mary Bucholtz (UCSB), Discussant: Geoffrey Raymond (UCSB) "Questioning questioning: A discussion of "An overview of the question-response system in American English conversation" by Tanya Stivers (UCLA)

Oct. 22

Lynnette Arnold (UCSB)
"Dialogic gesture: Embodied interaction at the bike shop"

Nov. 5

(1) Alex Wahl (UCSB)
"Language and interaction in the Luso-African musical style Kuduro"

(2) Audrey Lopez (UCSB)
"You don't fit inside the camera, dude!? Socialization through teasing in conversation"

Nov. 19

Bracha Nir (Haifa) and Yael Maschler (Haifa)
"Constructing (dis)agreement through dialogic resonance in Hebrew talk-in-interaction"


Winter 2011 – Coordinator: Jenny Cook-Gumperz (Education)

Jan. 14

Discussion Moderators: Amy Kyratzis & Jenny Cook-Gumperz (Gevirtz School of Educ, UCSB)
Theme: "Multilingualism, diasporic populations and spatializing practices" (discussion of 2 articles)

Jan. 28

Marco Jaquemet (Dept. of Communication, University of San Francisco)
Credibility and Referential Accuracy during Asylum Hearings

Feb. 18

Nathaniel Dumas (UC President's Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Linguistics, UCSB)
Stance-Work towards Grammar, Interaction and Identity in Conversations amongst Persons-Who-Stutter in the US

Feb. 25

Geoffrey Raymond (Department of Sociology, UCSB)
Legitimacy in Action: Practices for managing rights, responsibilities, and social relations in sequence initiating actions

Mar. 4

(1) Elena Skapoulli (Department of Sociology, UCSB)
Cell phone practices among teenage girls in Cyprus: Group identity and individual distinctiveness

(2) Eva Oxelsen (Gevirtz School of Education, UCSB)
School Building: The crafting of authority relations in early elementary classrooms


Spring 2011 – Coordinator: Gene Lerner (Sociology)

Apr. 15

Linda L. Putnam (Communication; UCSB)
Analyzing the Framing of Issues and Moral Stance in Press Releases of Union-Management in the 2007 Writers' Strike

Apr. 29

Galina Bolden (Department of Communication, Rutgers)
Across languages and cultures: Brokering problems of understanding in conversational repair

May 12

17th Annual Conference on Language, Interaction, and Social Organization (CLIC-LISO; at UCSB)
Theme: "Interaction, Embodiment, and Materiality"

May 27

Jörg Zinken (Psychology, Univ of Portsmouth, UK)
"Passing objects: Grammar in the organisation of a cooperative moment"

Jun. 3

Seyda Tarim (Gevirtz School of Education, UCSB)
"Turkish Immigrant Children's Bilingual Language Practice"