LISO Past Events: 1990-2000

LISO Past Events: 1990-2000

LISO Seminar Series 1999-2000

Fall 1999 – Coordinator: Sandy Thompson, Linguistics

Oct. 8

Richard Anderson, Political Science, UCLA
"Authoritarian and Democratic Russian"

Oct. 15

John A. Lucy (Human Development & Psychology, University of Chicago)
“Language Diversity and Intellectual Development”

Nov. 6

John Heritage & Tanya Stivers (Sociology, UCLA & Applied Linguistics, UCLA)
"Online Commentary in Acute Medical Visits: A Method of Shaping Patient Expectations"

Nov. 19

Jack Du Bois (Linguistics, UCSB)

Dec. 10

Steve Clayman (Sociology, UCLA)

Winter 2000 – Coordinator: Jenny Cook-Gumperz, Education


Chuck Bazerman (Education, UCSB)


Chuck Goodwin (Applied Linguistics, UCLA)


Gail Jefferson

Spring 2000 – Coordinator: Gene Lerner, Sociology

April 7

Dave Fearon (Sociology)

"Talk as an Activity of Living Beings: Conversation Analysis, Classic Ethnomethodology and Organizational Closure"

April 21

Jack Whalen and Marilyn Whalen (Xerox PARC)

May 5

Judith Green and Carol Dixon (Education, UCSB)

May 18–20

CLIC/LISO 6th Annual Conference on Language, Interaction, and Culture at UCLA

May 26

Sarah Jones (Sociology)

LISO Seminar Series 1998-99

FALL 1998 – Coordinator: Don Zimmerman, Sociology

Oct. 16

John Gumperz
Interactional Sociolinguistics Methods

Oct. 23

Barbara A. Fox, (Linguistics, U. of Colorado, Boulder)
Prosody and Projection in English Conversation

Nov. 6

John Heritage & Tanya Stivers (Sociology, UCLA & Applied Linguistics, UCLA)
"Online Commentary in Acute Medical Visits: A Method of Shaping Patient Expectations"

Nov. 13

Doug Maynard (Sociology, Indiana U.)
“Bad news” Morning data session on “Bad News”

Winter 1999 – Coordinator: Sandy Thompson

Jan. 15

Sandy Thompson
leading discussion of E. Schegloff's 'Turn Organization: one Intersection of Grammar and Interaction', in E. Ochs, E. Schegloff, and S. Thompson, (Eds).,Interaction and Grammar, 1996 LISO Seminar Series, Cambridge University Press.

Jan. 29

Jeff Robinson, PhD student, (Sociology, UCLA)
(medical interactions)

Feb. 12

Sandy Thompson and Elizabeth Couper-Kuhlen (in absentia)
(on 'concession' talk and action in English conversation)

March 12

Cecilia Ford (Univ. of Wisconsin)
LISO/IHC Guest speaker (topic to be announced)

Spring 1999 – Coordinator: Jenny Cook-Gumperz, Education

April 9

David Good (University of Cambridge)
“Interaction and Intergration: The design and use of new technologies.”

April 29

Bev Sauer
Data session

April 30–May 1

CLIC/LISO 5th Annual Conference on Language, Interaction, and Culture at UCSB

May 7

Fredrick Erickson
“Representation of Practice in a Multi-media Archive”

May 21

Larry Messaerman and Jenny Cook-Gumperz
“Creating Records: Textual Decision-making in Work Groups”

June 4

Geoff Raymond (Sociology, UCLA)
“On the Grammar and Interaction of Questioning”

LISO Seminar Series 1997-98

Fall 1997 – Coordinator: Sandy Thompson, Linguistics

Oct. 3

Tomoyo Takagi, PhD student, (Linguistics, UCSB)
Constructing Recipiency in Multi-Layered Contexts

Oct. 17

Elizabeth Couper-Kuhlen (University of Konstanz, Germany)
"Prosody and interaction: A case study of topic introduction on radio phone-in calls"

Oct. 31

Robert Englebretson, (Linguistics, UCSB)
"Visual Language and the Blind: A Socio-Cultural Perspective"

Nov. 14

Mardi Kidwell (Sociology, UCSB)
“Laying Claim to Recipiency: Knowledge Displays as a Resource for the Unacknowledged Recipient”

Dec. 5

Don H. Zimmerman and Michele Wakin (Sociology, UCSB)
"The Reduction and Specialization of Openings and Closings in Emergency an Directory Assistance Calls"

Winter 1998 – Coordinator: Gene Lerner, Sociology

Jan. n.d.

Sandy Thompson (Linguistics, UCSB)
“Linguistics and LISO”

Jan. 30

Discussion: Asymmetries & Entitlements to Knowledge in Conversation Gene Lerner and Sandy Thompson are discussion leaders.

Feb. 27

Annsi Perayla (Finland)
Doctor-Patient Interaction

March 6

Harrie Mazeland & Minna Zaman-Zadeh (University of Groningen & University of Oulu, Finland)
"Word Clarification Repair in Finnish-as-a-lingua-franca Interactions"

March 13

Panel: The Social Life of Very Young Children UCSB Research Group Bugental (Psych), Clancy & Kelly (Ling), Kyratzis (Educ), Jones, Kidwell, Lerner & Zimmerman (Soc) The panel will describe this recently begun interdisciplinary project which includes large scale data collection and cross-disciplinary collaborations in an investigation of 12 to 30 month old children's peer communicative actions.

Spring 1998 – Coordinator: Amy Kyratzis, Education

Apr. 10

Marjorie Harness Goodwin, (Dept. of Anthropology, UCLA)
"Organizing Participation in Cross-Sex Jump Rope: Situating Gender Differences within Longitudinal Studies of Activities"

May 1

Peter Mortola, (Education, UCSB)
"Making sense of 'trouble' through co-constructed narratives: Facilitating child development in counseling and teaching contexts."

May 15

Amy Kyratzis and Traci Marx (Education, UCSB)
"Gender and Contextual Specificity: Play theme, Make-up of the Group, Time, and Status as Influences on Preschoolers' Language and Gender Display in Classroom Friendship Group Interaction"

May 22

Anita Pomerantz (SUNY, Albany)
“Dilemmas of Teaching in Front of the Patient”

LISO Seminar Series 1996-97

Fall 1996 – Coordinator: Jenny Cook-Gumperz, Education

The “theme” for the quarter is "Interaction with text."

Oct. 14

Core group presentations
Introductory remarks from Education, Linguistics and Sociology faculty

Oct. 18

Chuck Bazerman (English, UCSB)
“Genre as Interaction”

Nov. 1

Judy Green and company (Education, UCSB)
“The Alexandria project”

Nov. 15

Gene Lerner (Sociology, UCSB)
Collection Data Session: Delicate Formulations

Dec. 6

Herb Clark (Stanford University)
Joint Actions in Using Language

Winter 1997 – Coordinator: Pat Clancy, Linguistics

Jan. 17

Agnes Kang (Linguistics, UCSB)
"Strategies of inclusion: Addressees in interaction"

Jan. 31

Noriko Akatsuka and Susan Strauss (UCLA)
"Co-construction and conditionality"

Feb. 14

Margaret Field (Linguistics, UCSB)
"Cultural persistence in norms for language use in a Navajo community undergoing language shift"

Feb. 28

Robin Shoaps (Linguistics, UCSB)
"The use of reported speech in Rush Limbaugh's rhetoric"

Mar. 7

R. Ivanich (University of Lancaster, England)
"Writing about our inquiries: Texts and practices"

Spring 1997 – Coordinator: Gene Lerner, Sociology

Apr. 11

Wayne Beach (Communication, San Diego State University)
"Claiming Insufficient Knowledge"

April 25

Emanuel Schegloff (Sociology, UCLA)
“Talking at once: Overlap resolution”

May 9

Amy Sheldon (Speech Communication & Linguistics, University of Minnesota)
Public Lecture (Friday morning) "Sharing the Same World, Telling Different Stories: Gender Differences in Preschoolers' Co-Constructed Pretend Stories"
LISO Seminar "Embodied Discourse: How Body Movement Relates to Talk: A Case Study from Preschoolers' Negotiation of Conflict."

May 23

Mitchell Duneier (Sociology, UCSB)
"Entanglements: How Panhandlers Force Liberal Whites to be Rude"

LISO Seminar Series 1995-96

Fall 1995

Oct. 13

Data session

Oct. 27

John Gumperz (Education, UCSB)
"Cultural Presuppositions in conversational co-ordination

Nov. 10

Pat Clancy (Linguistics, UCSB)
"Co-constructing grammar: predicate chains and argument chains in Korean caregiver-child conversation"

Nov. 30

David McNeill
(Public lecture on his gesture research)

Dec. 1

John Dubois (Linguistics, UCSB)
"Why Cultural Anthropology Needs the Grammarian"

Dec. 2

David McNeill
(LISO Presentation)

Winter 1996

No schedule provided

Spring 1996 – Coordinator: Gene Lerner, Sociology

April 12

Gene Lerner (Sociology, UCSB)
"Winnable Games: A Possible Case of 'Sequence-external' influence on the Organization of Action Sequences & 'Turn-external' Influence on Grammatical Practice"

April 26

Sandy Thompson (Linguistics, UCSB)
DATA SESSION: "The Construction of Turn Increments"

May 3

Jack DuBois (Linguistics, UCSB)

May 10

Candy West (Sociology, UC Santa Cruz) and Sarah Fenstermaker (Sociology & Women's Studies, UCSB)

May 31

Emanuel Schegloff (Sociology, UCLA)

LISO Seminar Series 1994-95

Fall 1994

Oct. 7

Judith Green (Education, UCSB)
"Transcribing and Analyzing Classroom Talk: Identifying Social and Academic Demands"

Oct. 21

John Gumperz (Education, UCSB)
"Contextualization and Ideology in Intercultural Conversation."

Oct. 29

John Gumperz
“The Early Days of Social Studies of Language Use”
Elise Karkkainen (Linguistics graduate student)
“Epistemic Expressions in Conversation”

Nov. 4

Gene Lerner (Sociology, UCSB)
"Selecting Next Speaker"

Nov. 18

John Dubois (Linguistics, UCSB)
"Why Cultural Anthropology Needs the Grammarian"

Dec. 2

Michele Wakin (Sociology, UCSB)
"What is Information? Calls to Directory Assistance."

Winter 1995

Jan. 13

Marcia Rech and LeAnn Putney (Education, UCSB)
"Transcription Issues"

Jan. 27

Peggy Szymanski, (Spanish & Portuguese, UCSB)
Data Session: "Bilingual Language Use and Social Action"

Feb. 10

Joanne Larson (UCLA)
"Interaction in the Classroom"

Feb. 24

David Fearon (Sociology, UCSB)
Data session: "Solidarity, Alienation, and Social Bonds"

March 10

Tomoyo Takagi (Linguistics, UCSB)
"Repetition before completion in Japanese"

Spring 1995 – Coordinator: Gene Lerner, Sociology

April 14

Sandy Thompson (Linguistics, UCSB)
Discussion: "Proper names as a referential option in English conversation" by Pamela Downing, to appear in STUDIES IN ANAPHORA, edited by Barbara Fox, Benjamins.

April 28

Tim Halkowski (U. Wisconsin, Medical School)
"Doing Recommending in Primary Care Clinic visits"

May 12

Richard Duran (Education, UCSB)
"A Vygotskian Interpretation of Conversational Data

May 24

Doug Maynard (Sociology, Indiana U.)
"Asymmetries Between Good News and Bad News in Conversational Interaction: The Benign Order of Everyday Life."

May 26

Tom Scheff (Sociology, UCSB)
"Children's Talk: A Theory of Social Integration"

June 8 and 9

Jurgen Streeck (Communication, University of Texas at Austin)
PUBLIC LECTURE: Symbolic Uses of the Hands:On the Grammaticalization of Manual Experience"
LISO PRESENTATION: Japanese accidents: observations on gestural narratives

LISO Seminar Series 1993-94 (Inaugral Series)

Fall 1993

Oct. 1

Introduction to LISO

Interdisciplinary data session led by Don Zimmerman

Oct. 15

Peggy Szymanski (Spanish-Portuguese graduate student)
“Achieving Agreement in Talk in Classroom Activity”

Oct. 29

John Gumperz
“The Early Days of Social Studies of Language Use”
Elise Karkkainen (Linguistics graduate student)
“Epistemic Expressions in Conversation”

Nov. 12

John Heritage (Sociology, UCLA)
“And-prefacing in institutional talk”

Dec. 3

Sandy Thompson & Yoshi Ono
“Unattached Noun Phrases in Conversation”

Winter 1994

Jan. 14

Emanuel Schegloff (Sociology, UCLA)
“Confirming allusions”

Jan. 21

Jorg Bergmann (visiting at UCLA from Germany)
“Moral accountability in citizen calls to Fire Departments”

Jan. 28

Judith Green & Carol Dixon (Education, UCSB)
“Talking events into being”

Feb. 11

Tom Scheff (Sociology, UCSB)
“The Verstehen Tradition applied to verbatim texts”

Feb. 18

Carolyn Baker (visiting at UCSB from Australia)
“Mother-Child Interaction”

March 11

Rodney Beaulieu (Education, UCSB)
"Examining emotions & conflict in classroom discourse"

Spring 1994

April 15

Sandy Thompson (Linguistics, UCSB)
Discussion: "Resources and repair: a cross-linguistic study of the syntactic organization of repair"
by Fox, Barbara A., Makoto Hayashi, and Robert Jasperson

April 22

Bill Felstiner (Sociology, UCSB)
Data Session: Attorney-client discourse

May 6

Enrique Hamel (visiting at Stanford & UCSB) Dept. of Anthropology of the Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana in Mexico City.
"Los albures en Tepito: Verbal duelling and barrio identity"

May 20

Jenny Cook-Gumperz (Education, UCSB)
Data Session: "Collaborative work in a bilingual classroom"